As young, passionate plumbers - Jesse James and Logan Dodds love their trade and the opportunities it has afforded them.

Having worked alongside Plumbing World in 2017, Logan & Jesse became Plumbing World NZ ambassadors, hosting the Young Plumber of the Year competition, and raising awareness of the industry across their large social media platforms.

Some of of New Zealand’s most influential young content creators, the boys helped to raise the profile of the trade industry, encouraging their followers to consider an apprenticeship or training programme.

With their genuine and honest approach, their passion for their trade is clear. The Trade Up Collective was founded as the next logical link in the chain, connecting the next generation with a career in the trades.

Their “work-hard, play-hard” ethos, personal success and polished presentations, effectively inspire and motivate students - encouraging them to reconsider their perceptions around trades.


The boys’ over-arching message is clear:

with a good attitude, and a trade under your belt, the world truly is your oyster.


Plumbing World is the major trading division of NZPM Group Ltd, a cooperative with over 800 trading shareholding members throughout New Zealand.   So their shareholders are also their customers.

 With branches nationwide, from Kerikeri to Invercargill, Plumbing World has grown to become the largest 100% New Zealand owned national plumbing merchant.  With their strong values and determination to future proof the industry they set up the Young Plumbers Club 6 years ago, and have initiated and run the successful Young Plumber of the Year competition since 2017.

Plumbing World are proud to be working with Logan & Jesse on the Trade Up Tour again, as they understand the importance of getting young people excited and involved in a trade vocation.  The younger generation resonate with Logan & Jesse’s stories, they have a great message for school leavers and we are looking forward to helping them inspire some school leavers throughout the 2019 Tour. 




Young, astute, and with an unmatched zest for life, Logan Dodds has found himself living the life of his dreams - but not without a few bumps in the road along the way.

After being asked to leave school when he was 16, his father imparted some solid advice on a young Logan: “get yourself a trade”.

Logan says he has never looked back.

Sadly, Logan’s father passed suddenly before he had finished his apprenticeship. The loss of his father had a profound impact on Logan, making him all too aware of the fragility of life.

Wanting to make the most of every day, once Logan was qualified he set of on his big overseas adventure. Armed with a new GoPro video camera, Logan thought it would be fun to make a memory of his trip.

Little did he know it would hit virality - reaching more than 5 million views, get picked up by international media, and earn him a reputation as the young tradie who ‘broke the internet’.

Logan credits his career in plumbing for a solid foundation, great work ethic, and ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Logan is a social media influencer whose profile can be found here @logan_dodds



As a man who lives for the knife edge of life, Jesse is constantly seeking out the next great adventure. This may be due to the fact he started surfing at age 2, and snowboarding at 9, but whatever the cause - it has certainly shaped a life of action.

Growing up on Auckland’s North Shore, thrill-seeking Jesse has always had a passion for extreme sports and adventure.

Jesse left school at 16 to pursue his plumbing apprenticeship. Once qualified, he headed to America to live and work - chasing his dreams, funded by his solid trade.

Jesse has since travelled all over the world - capturing his experiences and sharing them on the net. Within a short space of time, his high quality imagery in mind blowing locations has grown his following and engagement greatly. Jesse is a bonafide social media influencer, and prolific plumber, who can be found on his handle @jessejames1212