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2019 Trade Up Tour

Giving you the tools you need to succeed


what is the trade up tour?

As young passionate plumbers, Jesse and Logan are enthusiastic about their trade, and place genuine value on the role it has played in helping them live a life full of adventure and fun.

They’re about to embark on a nationwide tour of schools, talking through an exciting 45 minute presentation to students about a career in the trades.

For those who value working with their hands, workplace camaraderie, flexibility and a solid wage - this may spark enthusiasm and interest.

Their intention is to help the next generation navigate through confusing career options by highlighting the plumbing trade, and the opportunities it has lead to for them.

why do we need more tradies?

At the moment there’s a massive skills shortage in New Zealand. Put simply, we need more tradies! If we don’t encourage young people to consider a career in the trades, we may be left with a shortage in the future.

key messages

  • Logan and Jesse’s personal journeys from their 10+ years in the trade

  • Types of career opportunities available across a broad range of trade options

  • How to begin: What an apprenticeship looks like & how to gain a qualification in your desired industry

  • Where it can take you: Financial independence, options to become a business owner/entrepreneur, travel the world with your trade etc.

  • Why choose a trade: Encourage students to build an appreciation and knowledge for all trades, and the dynamic and prosperous lifestyles they can bring

  • Hands on: Helping students gain a positive attitude and work ethic

For schools interested in signing up, we request a minimum of 100 senior students attending (this can include student already enrolled in Gateway Programs)


45 minutes (1period)

tour dates

6th May - 6th August 2019 (Terms 2 & 3)